CCILUCELL® eco-friendly composite delivers comfort to our feet like no others

The tiny Nanoparticles with strong molecular bonds form the shoe’s structure; featuring shock absorption, abrasion resistance, anti-microbial properties and a honeycomb structure for footwear that is long-lasting, flexible, super-lightweight and odor-free.



A bonding experience.

At CCILU, we strongly believe in taking the “tear” out of “wear and tear”. CCILUCELL contains extremely strong molecular bonds that do not breakdown easily, making you and your shoes virtually indestructible.

Here’s to a long and beautiful friendship ahead.


Rough it out.

If you are the kind of person who likes walking (or jumping, trekking, cycling, running, dancing, wrestling, climbing…) around in the same pair of shoes all day every day, you’ve found the perfect “solemate”.

CCILUCELL’S advanced molecular makeup effectively absorbs impact so that your knees and ankles stay safe during your crazy adventures.


Be light on your feet.

Imagine walking on a cloud; it probably feels a lot like walking in a pair of CCILU shoes, which can weigh as little as 70 grams. That is how incredibly light CCILUCELL’s micro-honeycomb structure can make the shoe, as compared to the 600 – 2,000 grams that most regular footwear weigh.

Nothing can weigh you down.


Come clean with your shoes.

Let’s face it. You probably wouldn’t consider your feet the freshest part of your body. But the great news is CCILUCELL technology offers more anti mildew, antibacterial and antimicrobial protection than regular shoes, so you’re less likely to have a run-in with odor or mold.


The small things matter.

You are in for a smooth ride ahead. CCILUCELL’s extremely miniscule nanoparticles significantly improve the shoe’s structural properties but do not drastically increase their weight, thickness or stiffness. This makes the material super uniformed and super comfortable. Set your feet free from blisters and irritation.

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